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Hey, I'm Kim, Loaf, Spiffy, and a variety of other things. x.x I can be found lurking about here periodically. Greetings to all my friends and assorted other beings! ^___^ Oh, and to anyone who has the slightest clue what I'm talking about: YOUR MAMA'S BEANS!!! .____.
afi, alban preaubert, american idol, amusement parks, animals, archery, automatic doors, autumn, bacon bits, bang bang you're dead, belching, bettas, biking, birds, boating, botany, boys next door, building forts, camping, castles, cats, cheese, clothes, codenames, coffee, coffee shops, coldfire trilogy, cooking, cookouts, criss angel, croutons, dances, darkness, drake & josh, drawing, eating, elevators, exploring, fall out boy, family matters, fat, feathers, figure skating, fishing, flamingos, food, food network, forests, fountains, fresh prince, friends, full house, fun, fuse, gackt, ghosts, hats, haunted houses, hermit crabs, hiking, hot peppers, hotels, house md, inside jokes, invader zim, iron chef, james blunt, jeopardy, josh groban, lakes, law & order ci, lemon stomping, lobster pockets, lobsters, making people laugh, malls, mantas, moon over buffalo, music, my chemical romance, ned's declassified, not jeffrey buttle, ohio model united nations, old ships, onions, painting, peafowl, penguins, photography, piano, playgrounds, plushies, pocky, potatoes, public speaking, randomness, reading, reptiles, restaurants, ride-the-pony, roller skating, roses, scary movies, scavenger hunts, school, science, sergey lazarev, shoes, shopping, silivren, sledding, sleeping bags, sleepovers, snow, spicy foods, squeaky toys, starbucks, stars, subeta, sunsets, swimming, takeru kobayashi, talking, tattoos, the fray, the moon, the silmarillion, theatre, thunderstorms, travel, video games, vintage jewelry, violin, volleyball, wal-mart, walking, water parks, waterfalls, winter, yaoi, yoshi