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I win! ...And lose...
So the win first! I went to challenge that wimpy mattress again today. I totally won. The box spring he brought as backup almost pulled me down the stairs, but I defeated them both. I actually ended up getting a better mattress, too. The store that was supposed to have it on hold for me accidentally sold it, so they upgraded me to a better one for free. So now i own the SECOND shittiest mattress in the world (seriously, I hurt my butt trying to sit on the other one. It sucked. This one is only marginally better, but hey). And it didn't fall off the top of my car, and only looked a little doofus-y. Now to build the frame and such...

But my lose? That damn good-for-nothing ex-roommate of mine completely humiliated me. I went down to his house to pick up a few of my things that had to be left behind (used to be MY house, after all), and he just couldn't resist starting yet another fight, bitching me out AGAIN for all the problems in his life, blah blah blah. You know, his usual idiocy. How I've never done anything nice for him, how it's MY fault he won't get a car, a job, or anything...though I gave up what I wanted to do with my life just to help him, let him live with me, tried to help him get his license, a car, and whatnot, left him my fucking apartment and moved out when I should've just thrown him out. For over two years I bent over backwards trying to help this asshole. But now that I'm sick of putting up with the abuse, being called a horrible person, having him say I'm not doing enough, being stolen from, and left him so I can actually have some peace in my life and so he can grow the hell up, he figures I can just go to hell. So yeah, big fucking fight when I try to just come and get MY things. I'm sick of being treated like that. And he drags the neighbors into it. They were another main reason I wanted to leave and never come back. These people are the biggest bitches in the world. They do nothing but yell at me and tell me I'M wrong in this, that I "put him in a situation" (whatever the fuck that means), and that he didn't do anything. Well, I blew up on this woman today. And i usually do NOT yell at people that are practically strangers. But damn it, this bitch from hell deserved it. I told her straight out that I'm sick of being judged by someone who doesn't even know the situation, that it's his fault, not mine, all things he's done, and that I have every damn right to be mad, then I slammed my car door in her face and drove off. And that asshole of a former "friend" just stood by and watched while this blithering idiot chewed ME out for something he knows is HIS fault. And he's been doing it for years. Lying to her as to what the fighting is about, letting me take the heat from her every time she wants to open her big bitchy yap. That was honestly the final straw with all of this. I will NOT put up with any person who will throw an innocent person under the train just to save their own damn worthless ass. Especially one who won't even apologize for it or set things straight. He feels no remorse. He's one of these spoiled, arrogant brats who's just out for himself, and I'm someone who's nice to a fault. Not a good mix. Well, I did have one success. When he went on his tirade about how I never do anything nice, my response was to take back the cell phone that I bought and that I still carry the bill for. I never do anything nice huh? He won't be needing to use MY phone anymore, then. I can now cut that bill in half and make some money selling the phone. He wanted not nice? He got it. I should have also taken back MY computer monitor that he's using with his broken laptop. Damn, pretty much everything he has is because I was nice enough to let him use it. Now I fear I won't get back any of my other things in storage there. Lousy git probably won't give them back. I could give a shit less about most of them, but he's got three of my plants (including a hibiscus I've had for years that I got when my grandpa died), two aquariums, and my two pet goldfish. I haven't been able to afford stands for the aquariums or insect treatments for the plants (his nasty house is now full of bugs that I don't want to bring into my home), and he told me I could keep them there until I could afford it. Just like this prick to go back on his word. He always does. I'm sick and tired of having to spend my hard-earned money to replace stuff HE destroyed, stole, or lost. And there's a hell of a lot of it. Now I'll have to go out and buy a new carrier for my cat, all new Christmas decorations, new gardening supplies, a new iron and ironing board, and shit-tons more that I had in storage for when I can FINALLY use my one big closet to store all of it (right now, my big hall closet houses the litter box, and until I can get a litter box cabinet, I can't store anything in there). And sadly, the police will be of no use. Since I'm no longer on the lease, I have no legal claim to anything on the property. I didn't think he was ridiculous enough for me to even have to consider calling the cops. I should never have underestimated his pettiness. One thing's for sure: I don't think I'll ever go out of my way to help somebody again. If this is what I get for being kind, fuck the world. I've got to take care of me.


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