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Life is unfair. u__u
Why, you ask? Because Les Miserables will be playing less than an hour from me next week and I don't have the money to go. *Sobs* I've wanted to see this musical so badly for soooo long. The tickets aren't even that pricey. One level below Gold (the best seating) is only $88. D: I theoretically could go, but...I need those computer parts, too. u__u And I shouldn't spend any more with my job on the line.

Speaking of my really has gone to hell. Almost the whole shift was sent home early. The only people who stayed were people who asked explicitly to stay. I had that whole god damn warehouse to myself, pretty much. I saw not a soul after 8 pm. It was the longest, most boring day EVER. I had practically nothing to do, so I just goofed off. I drew some rather silly pictures. But seriously, time CRAWLS when there's nothing to do in that place. I was actually happy when my RF scanner crashed because it gave me something to do for twenty minutes. Next week is already slated to be short because of Thanksgiving and Black Friday...and the rest of this week is probably;y going to be much like today. e__e It's so tempting to just leave early with everyone else, but I needs that money. I don't know why no one understands why I hate capitalism.

And MORE drama. What. The. Fuck?! As if I need any more of that shit. Getting fucking yelled at AGAIN by someone who owes ME money! Like they have room to yell at me. They owe me nearly a grand by this point, along with physical possessions they destroyed and need to pay for or replace. I still pay this person's cell phone bill, under the agreement that he gets his half to me ON TIME. I asked for this money two weeks ago, as the bill is due in four days, and I pay ahead of time so I don't get fucked by a transaction delay or what have you. I wanted to already have it payed, but this ass has not called, has not given me the money for the bill, didn't even bother to write down when it was due when I told him. And when I call to tell him to get that fucking money here (as well as money a co-worker asked me to get from him for dues owed), what response do I get? "Fuck you." Fuck me? Really? No sir, fuck YOU. In a very unenjoyable way with power tools. Well, I'm done being nice. I don't think I've ever been so commanding in my life as I was tonight. I WILL have that fucking money. I will NOT continue being easy on that fucker like I have been. I scared myself. Because I don't just yell stupidly like most girls...I fucking take charge. I told that ass he will be here tonight with at least the cash for the bill he's running up or the phone gets disconnected. NAO. And anyone without a phone these days is royally screwed. Good. He needs to learn a lesson. No, that's not mean. It's the truth. This kid (I can't acknowledge him as a real adult) is the most selfish, rude, ungrateful brat I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I can't even believe he was ever my friend. Guess he never was, seeing as now that I'm not giving him whatever he wants all he has to say to me is "fuck you." Well, he'll eat those words. I've got him by the balls with this phone thing. He loses the phone, he can't get a job, an apartment, anything. We'll see how "awful" I was when he sees what it's like to REALLY have nothing.

Guh. I was actually in an okay mood when I got home. Was gonna have some sausage and watch My Little Pony, just kinda relax...but then: my key wouldn't work in the lock and it took me forever to get inside (and it's bloody cold tonight), then that fight, then I spilled the hermit crabs' food everywhere, then I found out Les Miz is playing really close and I can't go, then I realized the new episode of My Little Pony isn't out yet...fuck this night. I have a headache and no appetite and will probably sleep like shit. And I have more errands than I can handle tomorrow, and will probably ruin it with my horrible procrastination that I'm having a really tough time breaking for some reason. I really wish I had at least one nice friend to talk to. That would be such a help. Always was when I had them. But...being alone is synonymous with being me, I guess. Later, world.


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