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Writer's Block: It's payday!
What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Psh, a lot. I was actually thinking about this earlier today.

I'd get a new car, like a super-awesome one. Dunno which.

I'd get the new video card (and bigger power supply I need to support it) I need to play Skyrim.

I'd prolly buy a house, but not have one built or anything. My million would run short quick building and outfitting a house.

I'd go all-out on a bird room for said house. And in it I'd put that cockatiel hen I want. Fiiiiire, I miss you. ;__;

My kitty would get all sorts of cool shit. XD

I've always wanted to leave a really cool waiter or waitress a tip of a thousand bucks or so. :D


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