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Failures upon failures...
I decided, at roughly 10 pm, that I could spare the money to go pick up a copy of the new Elder Scrolls game (that game is the whole reason I bought this computer). Sadly, Game Stop had just closed. I trotted over to Wal-Mart, which is supposed to have EVERYTHING, right? Oh, they had the Xbox and PS3 versions, but no. PC. Version. The Elder Scrolls games were INTENDED for PC! Y u no have, Wal-Mart?! So then I ran to Target. Closed. Meijer. Did not have! >___< Out of stores that would be open or might have it in this area, I grudgingly returned home empty-handed. I'm totally going to Game Stop tomorrow, though. I WILL SLAY DRAGONS BEFORE ANOTHER SUN HAS SET.


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