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Just in case I don't come back...
Can't say I didn't warn you, anyone who reads this...Invisible Hat Man. Anyone else. This may be the last time I write to you, because I'm off to fight to the death with...a mattress. *Breaks down sobbing* Remember me fondly!

XDD I'm so fucking weird, I know. But yeah, I've gotta go buy a mattress set, and I've got to somehow finangle a full-size mattress and box spring up the stairs to my apartment by myself. I may well get knocked over and flattened by it. I'm not that large. But I'm sick of sleeping on the floor. I don't feel like paying extra for professional delivery (and don't have the money for it anyway), so I'm going to have to attempt to tie it to my car and bring it back myself. I swore I would never do something so...OHIO-ISH as tying a mattress to the roof of a car, but desperate times call for desperate measures, baby. The guys at the store said they've tied full-sizes to the tops of cars before (hopefully they do mean CARS, and not SUVs or vans...), so it should be okay? ^^; I just hope I can get it down from the car and into the apartment. u_u; It'll be an adventure, that's for sure. I'm also going to stop by Ikea to get some fancy pillows. <3

Back soon. Alive or dead by mattress attack, I'm not sure.


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