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I shouldn't be here, but I am...
I should be getting ready for work...but I'm online instead. x.x

Doing okayish this morning. Things are still on my mind, of course. tends to happen when shit ends with anger on one end and confusion and injustice on my end. Something I'm used to, though. *Shrugs* If it's meant to be worked out, it'll work out. I have to believe that. Considering getting a tarot deck in light of this, actually. All readings done on me tend to come out right. And are blunt and unmistakeable in meaning, which is exactly how I like things. They're so blunt that whenever I used to have a friend do a reading on me, my other friends would come and watch because they were always amused by the obviousness and bluntness of it. And I liked watching his readings, too, because they were strange. The good things were always against him, but the bad things always were in his favor. " honesty, courage, and willingness to help people is going to get me in trouble, but some major catastrophe that wrecks my life is going to bring about something good. Huh." XD I'll have to get my own deck and do a reading on myself this time, old reader was that deadbeat roommate I had to cut off, and he's just about five kinds of pissy over that. e__e There's a deck I've had my eye on, though. I may get it this weekend if I have the money.

One of the reasons I liked the Persona games so much is their connection to the tarot. Though that's such a shitty reading at the beginning. "The tower? Ah shit dude, you're FUCKED." XDD While most cards can have positive or negative connotations depending on their place in the reading and the question at hand (including death and the devil), the tower is universally recognized as the "oh shit" card.

I'm gonna go get ready now though. I swear. In a little. >.>


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